Skin Clays Product Focus – Healing African Clay Face Mask

Happy 2016! The December holidays have sadly come to an end, which for the majority of us, means that it’s time to head back to school and work. If you’ve done your best to enjoy the break, you’re probably experiencing some degree of post-overindulgence distress (and most definitely being too hard on yourself!).

We all know that drinking and eating excessively has a bad impact on our bodies, but we often forget about what it does to the skin. Add a little over exposure of sun, and you’re complexion’s not looking too great.

Not to worry… If the extravagance of the holidays has left you either physically or emotionally damaged in any way, we have just the cure for a little well deserved self-pampering: Skin Clays’ Healing African Clay Face Mask for beautiful skin.

Healing African Clay Face Mas

Working Through The Power Of Nature

Skin Clays’ Healing African Clay Face Mask is made from a carefully selected list of botanicals and minerals featuring: seaweed, buchu, chamomile, aloe vera, and Bentonite clay. The mask deeply cleanses your skin to remove impurities while pumping positive minerals back into your skin to restore its natural smoothness and radiance. Let’s take a deeper look at how these ingredients work…


Tom Corser, Seaweed

Oceanic plants, such as seaweed, contain powerful vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants that have the power to revitalise our skin, hair, and overall health. On top of these amazing benefits, seaweed promotes the regeneration of cells and is even believed to have an anti-ageing effect.

At Skin Clays we use green seaweed (algae) which contains 14 vitamins including vitamin B12 (not found in land plants) and vitamin E. Green seaweed also contains a complete set of isomers found only in seed oils such as wheat germ oil.

Green seaweed balances the skin’s moisture content, increases surface hydration, provides suppleness to the epidermis and soothes the skin.



An extra special, locally sourced ingredient, buchu tincture, has antiseptic, anti-bacterial, ati-inflammatory, anti-allergenic and anti-irritant properties. Like seaweed, it promotes an even skin tone and reduces excessive oiliness on skin. Buchu also does wonders on oily hair!



Chamomile has a deeply calming effect on the skin. It contains Bisabolol which gives it its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-irritant, anti-fungal and non-allergenic properties.

Aloe Ferox Gel

Aloe Ferox plants

Another locally sourced ingredient, Aloe Ferox Gel, is famous for treating sunburn. In addition to this, it acts as an excellent moisturizer, acne cure, anti-aging serum, and reduces the visibility of stretch marks.

Bentonite Clay

Bentonite Clay - Luvos Heilerde

The highly celebrated ingredient in our Healing African Clay Face Mask, is locally sourced, Bentonite clay. The clay has been selected especially for our acne or problem skin care ranges. Bentonite clay’s powerful cleansing action, decongests the skin while its high concentration of minerals, heals and restores your skin’s natural smoothness.

How To Use The Healing African Clay Mask – Try It & See Amazing Results!

Skin Clays Face Mask

Apply a thin layer of the Healing African Clay Mask evenly onto your face and neck (take care to avoid your eyes). Leave the mask on for 10 – 15 minutes, until it starts to dry. If necessary, keep the mask moist, because the clay is active when wet. Rinse the mask off thoroughly with warm water. The Healing African Clay Mask is recommended to be used once or twice a week. For more tips about using face masks, check out our blog: “How to Apply a Face Mask – the Right Way”.

Thank you for following the Skin Clays blog. We wish everyone a wonderful 2016 full of prosperity and happiness!